Guide of Monaco. Food. Гид по Монако. Еда

Monaco has a not very good reputation. Miniature country where everything is overpriced, Ferraris can be seen more often than a Peugeot and percentage of women who have underwent any sort of plastic surgery is overwhelming. You can cross Monaco from one side to another length-wise in just over an hour and if you are not a big fan of such clubs as Buddha Bar and Billionaire (where as I heard you can get a chinchilla fur blanket if you are cold), you do not own a yacht and do not watch Formula 1, it looks like there is nothing to do for you in there. However, it is not true. Despite its bad reputation Monaco is quite charming in fact.

Where to eat
There is no such problem as bad food in Monaco as well as in whole France. Wherever you go food is most likely will be amazing. Apart from Michelin-starred restaurants at hotels (Louis XV, Joёl Robuchon) there many others little, often family-run restaurants which will not disappoint you.

A restaurant on the beach of Monaco. Ресторан на пляже Монако

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