Talk with Amanda Harlech and Tim Walker at the Garden Museum

Second time this month I happened to be at an event with Amanda Harlech and second time I'm amazed by this talented woman. She is a true source of inspiration herself.

The talk between Harlech, photographer Tim Walker, one of the most influential hair stylist Sam Mcknight and Fashion historian and Central Saint Martins lecturer Alistair O'Neil was a part of an exhibition called Gardens and Fashion at the Garden Museum. The exhibition tried to establish and study the connection between the tradition of gardens in Great Britain and fashion, and its influences.

Tim Walker for Vogue Britain

Such exhibition could only be possible in Britain. And only here could four most influential people in fashion meet to talk about their gardens at an ancient building, under old stained glass windows. They were sharing with each other their stories about gardens and flowers, and how they treasure every moment spent in there.

Tim Walker for Vogue Britain
Sam Mcknight for Love Magazine
Sam Mcknight for Vogue Germany
Once again I was amazed to see how different yet simple can be the sources of inspiration of these people who shape the industry. And how romantic and even archaic the consciousness of English might be when they agree that the most exciting thing about gardens are ghosts that live in them. Whether they are ghosts of people lived there or of the dead flowers and passed seasons.

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