Bimba y Lola Pattern and Bionda Castana mules

I was always careful with patterns as I still believe they are rather difficult to handle. Although since I moved to London (and discovered Bimba y Lola store in the neighborhood), the experiments began. Bimba y Lola never fails to surprise me how they deal with patterns (sometimes total-look) and complicated shapes from season to season. Awkward length trousers, trousers worn underneath a skirt, dress that can be worn back to front and charismatic jewelry - this what makes think of Bimba y Lola as of Prada for poor. A visit to a store is like a visit to a rag-and-bone man in an exotic country where you can always find something unexpected in one of the trunks. My last find from Bimba y Lola was this patterned shirt. I like how people suddenly notice after a couple of hours that there are actually naked people in strange positions on my shirt. Or when they don't notice. It's even funnier.

I saw these mules (which are super hot trend this summer) on the Instagram of Olga Karput, the founder of the KM20 concept store in Moscow. I instantly fell in love with the creation of a young British shoe brand Bionda Castana. Strangely enough, in a few days I suddenly won a decent amount of money on Grand National. In another couple of days I was already holding the pair in my hands. They are unbelievably comfortable and attract a lot of attention.

Leather jacket Zara
Shirt Bimba y Lola
Jeans Sandro
Bag Celine

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