Bimba y Lola shoes and cheeky Anya Hidmarch bag

I was watching these shoes by Bimba y Lola in sky blue colour and the softest leather for quite a while before I finally got them on mid-season sale with a 30% discount. They won't be worn too often - the colour is quite difficult and the leather is that soft, it gets damaged every time you wear them. But I love them a lot, partly for the fact that they were mistakenly taken for Maison Martin Margiela (as if!).

Clatch by Anya Hidmarch with a cheeky image on it was spotted by me in some magazine I was flicking through while waiting a flight. It is one of those rare moments when you see something and you suddenly realize that you just have to have this. After an hour of hunting for the bag on the Internet (just there at the airport) I found it at some dodgy website with a big discount (which is nice) and paid 5 minutes before boarding. When in three days a parcel arrived I still couldn't believe it. It was a pure luck to find the clutch considering it was half way through the Summer sales and was sold out everywhere else. I rarely take it with me and always pleased t to see people's reaction. Florence Welsh owns one as well which is a nice coincidence. 

The H&M raincoat made of organic materials was bought for just 30 pounds and was three sizes bigger. I just love oversized jackets and coats and wear them with heels (not always though, sometimes I just look like a  cube). It is ideal for summer - so light and perfect colour. 

Raincoat H&M Conscious Collection
T-shirt Carven
Trousers Gap
Clutch Anya Hidmarch
Ring H&M

Photographs by Sergey Lekomtsev @time_lapse

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