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Pavane is a young designer duo based in London. Georgina Edmonds and Fiona Ransom, both from Australia, showed their third collection this year with the latest presented during the London Fashion Week. Pavane style is not about the latest trends. Balancing between modernity and classic this brand, created by a pattern cutter and a textile designer, manages to combine graciously sporty motifs (so popular for the last couple of seasons) with tailoring.

Pavane positioned just above mid-market and just below luxury brands (with coats around 800 gbp and tops around 300 gbp) get their inspiration from such sources as, for example, a French artist and photographer Sophie Calle, who is famous for exploring such conceptions as intimacy and vulnerability, protection and sensuality. The designers reference masculine jackets and coats combined with 30's-like lacy underwear and floral prints, reminiscent of cushions and wallpapers of hotel rooms where so many private stories and dramas happen. Deep colours and heavy materials give a sense of seriousness to the collections which is not often seen in young designers' creations. My personal favourite is the wine-colour jacket with an imitated multi-layered breast.

Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 

Spring-Summer 2014

Sophie Calle photographs

You can order Pavane clothing by emailing A limited collection is available at
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